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Jason Rae - Dog Training Hesperia
Who We Are?
What We Are About
What Can You Expect
Who We Are?
Jason Rae/Founder

From a very young age Jason has always been a dog lover. As a young adult he became involved with Marketing and the business side of the world becoming very successful at it but all the while never losing his zeal for working with animals. He decided to leave all of that behind and follow his passion in life of becoming a Dog Trainer in Hesperia. Not just a ‘Dog Trainer’ but someone who gave back to the community. He is actively involved with local Rescues and Shelters, in hopes that a well behaved dog will find its Forever Home and never be brought back to a Rescue or a Shelter again.

“I Believe every Rescue can show us something new about ourselves.” he says

As a dog owner, Jason feels that every dog in a Rescue or Shelter deserves a second chance to be the best dog they can be. He believes that with a good owner by their side leading them, any dog can have a great life.

“My Method of Training in Hesperia Ca helps dog owners build a relationship with their dogs and by doing that they can produce a more relaxed, happier life for that dog and everyone in the family.”-Jason

What We Are About

Using Positive Methods

Early in his dog Training career Jason decided that using harmful force was not an option. That’s when he developed the ‘InsideOut’ training method. What is Inside Out? Simply put, teaching your dog, using only motivation and positive reinforcement. With this technique he helps encourage the dog to make the right decision from the Inside Out, without using a forceful correction. Teaching the dog to learn the good behavior and make better choices.

Our Goal is to show you, the responsible dog owner, how to teach your dog the ‘Inside Out’ way! We want to help you remove all those pesky and annoying dog behavior problems and replace them with new ones. Good ones! With Jason as your guide you can help create the best life possible for your dog. This will overflow and make life easier and more enjoyable for you and your family. Doing this together, we can do better.

What Can You Expect

Amazing Results

Stick with it! You can experience great results. This takes commitment on your part, but we assume you love your dog or you wouldn’t be here in the first place. Dogs are smart and want to make you happy, continue teaching them the ‘Inside Out’ way and you will see your dog choosing and offering better behaviors.

Peace of Mind- You have a busy life, and we know that. Using our program just minutes a day with your dog you can create a better more relaxed place for you, your family and your dog. Imagine NOT having to worry about your dog’s bad behavior problems. Let’s make this happen together.

InsideOut Dog Training in Hesperia Ca is the #1 place in all of the High Desert to get your dog trained. Jason Rae uses a breakthrough method he has developed over the last decade that focuses on building a relationship with your dog, while using only positive dog training methods. We have a fun simple and easy to use system that gets amazing results. Dog training in Hesperia Ca hasn’t been the same since we started working with local residents and their furry family members. We have three programs to choose from that are listed below, but first check out our story, and learn how this whole thing got started. InsideOut Dog Training has been changing four legged lives in Hesperia since 2005.

Programs Available With InsideOut Dog TrainingWe use only positive methods with all our dog training in Hesperia Ca

Adult And Puppy Training Programs

Dog training in Hesperia Ca has changed since the launch of new Companion Training program. It combines online learning and private training sessions with Jason Rae. This is the most popular program by far, because it’s very low cost, and you get the best of both worlds – Online Learning and Private Sessions.

This is for dog training in Hesperia Ca and local residents, prices could change for Los Angeles dog training.


  • Instant Access to entire Online Library
  • One on One Coaching from Jason Rae
  • Private Training Sessions
  • Coaching Calls
  • Free Access to Local Group Training
  • Easy to Learn System
  • Entire Family Can Learn at the Same Time!
  • Private Session for Behavior Problems
Dog Training Hesperia

What Is Stay n' Train?Only the best thing to ever happened to dog training in Hesperia Ca :)

Watch This Video About Our Stay n’ Train

We wanted to find a perfect mixture between traditional board and train programs and our other training programs. This has become the most effective program for dog training in Hesperia.  It makes training affordable and gives the owners and their dog a chance to get a huge jump start in the training process.

The Perfect Add On

With this add on you get three days of training with 8 training sessions per day which gets you dog off to a great jump start to training.  Dogs love the training sessions and the owners love getting a huge head start.

3 Days + 8 Daily Training Sessions = 24 Total Sessions Which Equals AMAZING RESULTS!

Dog Adoptions in the Hesperia Area 

dog training in hesperia

Shelter dogs can be some of the best dogs you will ever have when you give them just a little training.