The VIP Program is one of true value. It offers members access to all 3 video series, free on-going video coaching, monthly webinars, product reviews and discounts at an unbelievable low monthly cost. This one-stop training and learning center is where dog owners go to train their dog and receive current information on a wide variety of dog issues.
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There’s an easy way to avoid making the wrong decision when choosing a dog for you and your family. View the videos in my New Dog Owner’s Video Guide before making your choice. You’ll find where to go, what to look for, the importance of matching energy levels, materials you’ll need and much, much more.


My breakthrough Inside Out Basic Obedience Video Series shows how using motivation and positive methods instead of force and intimidation produces amazing results with the dog. This feel-good training method is easy-to-use, will enrich the dog owner and the dog’s lives and make the dog a more loving and enjoyable companion and family member.


In the Solving Dog Behavior Problems Series, I show dog owners how they can solve their dog’s worst behavior problems using positive methods and avoid spending a lot of money on an expensive dog trainer. And, the result is you will build a more trusting relationship with your dog. The series includes 20 of the most common dog problems.

Works On All Mobile Devices And Tablets

We know most dog owners are busy people and enjoy having their dog with them most of the time. That’s why all members have instant access to video series on their mobile devices and tablets. This enables you to reference the best dog training programs on the internet anytime you want while working with your dog at home, at the park or anywhere.
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We knew this would be a winning combination from the very first moment we started seeing the results people were getting by using this type of online dog training system.. This is really a dream come true for me because it empowers people to take charge of their dog training and create a amazing relationship with their pets. Transformation only take place after commitment, so make the commitment to work with you dog at home and learn this online dog training system.
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Online dog training is a fun way to build an amazing relationship with your dog without the cost of having a dog trainer.