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Google Adopts One-Eyed Dog

Google Adopts One-Eyed Dog

Someone would probably think that Google uses some pretty high-tech security methods to secure their critical data centers and they would be partially correct. But they might be surprised to learn that Google, in addition to firewalls, virus scanners and inferred cameras, uses a four-legged furry security expert to help protect everyone’s critical data.

Miss Google, or Miss G. for short, was adopted by the Google data center team after they found her on the property years ago and has been ‘working’ ever since.

The one-eyed dog was dropped on their property by her owner and somehow lost her eye before Google employees found her. According to a veterinarian, Miss G. probably lost her eye in a fight with a raccoon. In a place where security is top priority, the make-shift guard dog fits in perfectly. The employees at the data center says that she is part of their staff, just like the others. These data centers are like the Fort Knox for user’s data, so somebody probably wouldn’t think of a fuzzy friend as a necessity for Google data centers, but they wouldn’t have it any other way.

The security guard in charge of Miss Google says she is a very lovable dog, who greets him every morning when he arrives. He also mentioned that her favorite food is beef jerky and that is the fastest way to get her to like you.

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