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July 4th Warning

July 4th Service Announcement For Dog Owners:

Better late than never I guess but its the 3rd of July and tomorrow is the big day. July 4th is one of the worst days on the planet for dogs all across the U.S. and the reason is because they think its WWIII. Remember dogs have super hero type hearing and when they hear all the fire works going off it really freaks most dogs out. This weekend animal shelters all across the country will get a huge influx in lost pets because most people will forget and leave their dog out when they go off to the firework shows. Most of the time when dogs are left alone in the back yards during this time they hear all the crazy noises and try to get out. So be sure to put your dog up safe before you go anywhere tomorrow evening and make sure they can find a quiet place to rest. Thats exactly what we will be doing with out pets!!!

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