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Lions, Tigers and Bears

Jason Rae and Whiskey

Hey guy’s this is me obviously you know it’s me ok, Hello this is Jason. I wanted to bring up a point, in dog training it is so prevalent we see, do we use force, those are treat trainers, there’s clicker trainers it’s like this big great divide.

whiskey apple valley

I thought it was so funny, I was watching a show the other day and they were doing the “Lions, Tigers and Bears”, you’ve heard that saying “Lions, Tigers and Bears” oh my, I don’t know what movie that was. The Point is, it’s interesting that we don’t train bears or lions with force, have you ever thought of that? When is the last time you have ever seen a prong collar on a thousand pound grizzly bear and you don’t really hear, I mean we have accidents with lions and stuff but you really don’t hear of bear trainers having huge problems with their animals and here’s why, because they respect them, but because we have dogs think of this we don’t use force with our dogs because we respect and love them just like a bear trainer or a lion or tiger trainer. Because they respect the animal they don’t hurt it, because they know the bear could eat them.

They (the dog) loves us unconditionally no matter how good or bad of an owner we are, yet we can use force on them because their pack animals, they want to be with us and we take advantage of that. It’s just something to think about, I don’t want to keep going on, just think about it. If you love and respect your dog it’s even more of a reason to use positive reinforcement in a way to treat them in a humane way which is positive reinforcement. We will see you guy’s in the next video, thanks.

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