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Meet Barbie A Mix Breed Dog Up For Adoption

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Aprils Pet Of The Month

Barbie is a sweet an loving dog that needs a second chance with the right home.  Our staff at the center call her the “Chill-Laxer”  because when she is out of her kennel she just chills and relaxes the whole time while hanging with the staff.  She has become the center favorite mainly because of her sweet and loving personality.  She is very trainable and works well for food rewards and the ball when playing fetch.  Having these drives can make it really easy to train dogs when they will work for both instead of just one or the other.  If your the active type or avid jogger and your looking for a running partner she might be your perfect match!  Most dogs that enter the shelter/rescue system are mainly due to behavior issues.  Due to being at the Center for so long she has developed some leash reactivity with other dogs which prevents us from putting her in our playgroups.  We are offering a free one on one training session for anyone who adopts Barbie so we can show the new adopter how to fix the issue.  I truly believe once she is in a home environment this behavior will start to digress on its own. Once you add some training and a less stressful environment her personality is really going to shine!  Maybe your reading this post and Barbie is not the right fit for you but you still want to help her find a home!  Then share this post or her story on your social media accounts to help us get the word out about this loving dog. I will be adding updates to this post as we go about her adoption progress and when she finds a new home.

Barbies Profile Information: 
Mixed Breed
AGE: 4 Years
SEX: Female
WEIGHT: 67 lbs
PET ID: 15528
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