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Frequently Asked Questions

Sessions generally last 45mins to an hour depending upon the type of training you desire. We address general obedience training and behavior modification. This is a major advantage we have over classroom training. Some dogs will be ready to learn new skills in a week, others will be ready in a month. The training is tailored to you and your dog.

No. I charge a flat fee per Companion Training Program. However, I do not train children, cats, husbands, wives or in-laws. Please don’t ask…lol

Call me and tell me about your dog. I’ll listen and help. We always start with a free consultation so we have a chance to meet you and your dog. Contact us and get your free consult today.

Positive reinforcement training is all about rewarding the dog for good behaviors. Our primary tool is always the reward that your dog is most fond of, whether that’s food, praise, petting or a playtime. Other tools that we use are six foot leashes, treat pouches, clickers and harnesses. Every tool we use is designed to be friendly and effective, which is why we cannot allow choke collars, pinch collars or shock collars on our premise or in conjunction with any of our classes or training sessions. Why subject your dog to the pain of these tools if you’re able to teach him without using them? The use of pinch collars, choke collars and shock collars can have such serious negative side effects as fear and aggression.

Puppies nine to twenty weeks must have their first round of Bordetella and DHPP shots. Dogs six months and older need to be current on their DHPP, Rabies and Bordetella shots. Because vaccinations have an incubation period of one week, all dogs must have had their vaccinations at least seven days prior to coming to class.

Yes- Training is a family affair! If you’re working to stop your dog from begging for food while someone else in the family is feeding him chicken under the table, your training is not going to be effective. Inviting the family, even young children, to be involved in the training of your dog is a great way to get the whole family on the same page. Many times children can be the quickest learners when it comes to dog training. We do ask, though, that all children (18 and younger) be supervised by an adult, that way they are not disrupting another dog’s learning or putting themselves or a dog in harm’s way

Video or photos of class may be published on the InsideOut Dog Training website. I hereby acknowledge that I, my dog and my family may be included in class video posted on the InsideOut Dog Training website or future training videos. All video and photos are the property of InsideOut Dog Training.

Carefully consider your schedule and commitment to training your dog before registering for our training programs. A transfer to another class or refund for sessions will only be given if we are notified 3 days after payment. If a dog is unable to attend due to an injury or illness during the enrollment, you will receive a credit towards future training the full amount.

I do hereby waive and release, Jason Rae and InsideOut Dog Training, from any and all liabilities of any nature. I agree to take complete responsibility for the action of my dog, and myself and family members, before, after and during class. At no time will the instructor be liable or responsible for the actions of myself, my dog or any other person who accompanies me to class.

I understand that attendance and participation in any training program is not without risk to myself and/or guests who may attend. I further understand that my personal dog is also at risk, during training, on the property during training, or that I may bring home an illness due to working around other dogs.

I agree to allow InsideOut Dog Training to discuss history, protocols, family dynamics, and any pertinent information with their veterinarian, appropriate animal professionals, family members, etc. as applicable.

I agree to take full and total responsibility for my dog at all times. I hereby waive and release Jason Rae, InsideOut Dog Training, the shelter, property or business the training is located at, all owners and other animals in attendance, and any of the above mentioned employees, owners, and agents from any and all liability of any nature for injury or damage which I or my dog may suffer, including specifically, but not without limitation, any injury or damage resulting from the action of any dog, and I expressly assume the risk of any such damage or injury while attending the training session, class or seminar, while supervising or interacting with a dog while on the grounds or surrounding area thereto. In consideration of my attendance and participation in training classes, I waive the right from any and all claims or claims by any member of my family or any other person accompanying me during the course as a result of any action by any dog, including my own.