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Board And Train Program

This program is designed to offer a very high level of dog training for all your needs. From basic obedience, advanced training, service work, behavior problems and this program gets amazing results!

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 Program Overview

Board & Train Program

This is our most advanced training program to date.  Whether your dog has serious behavior problems that require professional attention or your wanting a higher level of training our program will help.  Most puppy owners love this program as well because its the best way to get your puppy off to a great start in life with training.  It has a huge effect on the puppies behavior going forward.

 Our Board & Train

Program Includes

Learning The Basics:

Learning how to do the basics at a higher level is always better than just learning more.  In this program we focus on how everyday training will help with the all around manners for you dog. Things like sit and wait to be pet is a simple excercise but has huge benefits over time as it prevents behavior problems while teaching self control. This is only one example of many ways we work with the dog on a daily basis to help make them a better pet. Look at the list to get a better idea of how many things are taught on a daily basis.

  • Leash Walking with and without distractions
  • Sit on cue, sit to be pet and sit to greet people
  • Down, down while in the crate and while on the leash
  • Stay, on a leash, off leash and before leaving the crate
  • Stay before leaving front door or gateway
  • Crate Training Basics
Customize Your Program:

The best thing about our Board and Train program is we can customize to your exact needs.  No more cookie cutter dog training programs because we take the time to design one around you and your dog’s lifestyle.  This allows training that is for you dogs exact breed and energy level which gets amazing results.  It also allows us to work through any behavior issues you might be having with your dog. We obviously to not work on everything in this list for one dog, but it gives you a better idea of all the things we do work on when dogs need it.

  • Behavior Problems
  • Separation Anxiety
  • Fearful behavior around strangers
  • Bite Prevention With Kids
  • Service Animal Training
Puppy Board And Train Program:

One of my favorite things to do is work with puppies in this program. Its always better to invest in your puppies future instead of waiting until problems arrive.  When puppies join we really go to work on everything listed in first basics plan above but we add so much more.  We work on preventing behavior problems in the future by teaching the pup that the environment and strangers are AWESOME!  We also take the time and socialize the puppies with other puppies their own age on an ongoing basis. This helps them learn good social behaviors when playing with other dogs.

  • Basic Obedience
  • Potty Training
  • Socialization with other puppies
  • Socialization with strangers
  • Introduction to environmental changes
  • Proper greeting and self-control
  • Handling drills such as bathing, brushing, and nails
  • And much more!
How Much Training Do They Receive?

This is one of the most common questions we get about this program.  Lets put it this way it’s so much they will actually need a break about half way through which is a good thing.  We work the dogs 6-8 times per day when they stay with us during this program.  Doing this creates an emersion style training program that really gets results faster than doing it only once or twice per day.  When you think about how much training that is per day then add the amount of time they stay with us, that’s over 100 plus training sessions while they stay with us in a home environment.

  • 6-8 Training Sessions Daily
  • Two Weeks Or More Of Training
  • 2 One Hour Follow Up Sessions
  • Online Access to training videos
  • Multiply Trainers
  • Play Sessions With Other Dogs
  • And much more!

 Benefits Of Our

Board & Train

There are so many benefits to this program but one is the amount of training the dog gets in two weeks creates an emersion style training environment which gets great results. Another one is it allows us to work through the dog’s issues every single day which most owners are not able to accomplish simply because life gets in the way.  Dogs are our life so we solve that program.

For puppies the unspoken and truly best benefit is EXPOSURE! Puppies have a small social window for meeting other dogs, strangers, sounds, surfaces, car rides, etc, and we are able to create those types opportunities every single day to teach the puppies that both are good things! If you wait too long to expose the puppies to these things it can be too late.

 What Is Our Training


This is the most important part and the core of any dog trainer. Regardless of experience or marketing and how great they sound, it’s important to understand how they believe dog training should be done.  Mine is very simple, we never hurt, harm or intimidate dogs to get the behavior.  We don’t use dominance for forced based training methods I hope you understand how important this is to your dogs future.

We use positive based methods that focus on building a relationship which promotes learning, teaching, and trust with your animals. Instead of other methods that wait for the dog to do something bad and correct it. Science-based dog training has proven over and over again how effective and humane it can be while achieving amazing results. This is why we stay rooted in science-based training and stay away from dominance theory type training that hurts animals.

 How To Get

Started Training

In order to get started with our Board & Train program, we do require a free consultation first to figure an exact training plan for your dog while they are here! The first step is getting your free consult set up and on the calendar. Second, if this program is the one you want to move forward with then we simple schedule your drop off and get your pup on the training calendar.