Group Training Classes

These classes provide a great entry level and cost effective way to get your dog started on training. We also use these classes for proofing from dogs that joined our other programs.

  Other Programs: 

 Program Overview

Group Training Classess

Class environments are a great way to start training your dog while keeping a low budget for training.  Our classes are basic training but don’t discount the power of learning simple commands while learning to apply them in your everyday life.  Sometimes its harder to keep things simple than make it fancy 🙂  Our goal is use the class environment to help you get started on your training journey.

 Our Group Training

Program Includes

Adult and Young Adult Dogs Over 7 Months:

Learning basic training cues and concepts can be fun in group environments for both you and your dog. We will cover everyday training cues that will help you teach your dog manners while making your life much easier.  We often have repeat students in our group classes just because it was fun for them and the dog and they want to do it again.

Puppies Under Six Months Of Age:

This four week program is effective with dogs over four months of age and older.  With younger dogs a group class with adult dogs can be very overwhelming and sometimes will do more harm than good.  We have puppy group glasses designed for puppies only where they get training and socialization.

  • Four Weeks Program
  • Leash Walking
  • Sit – Automatic Sits, Verbal and Hand Signal
  • Down – Verbal and Hand Signals
  • Stay – Verbal and Hand Signal
  • Recall – 5 Exercises to Increase Behavior
  • Distraction Training
  • And So Much More!

 Benefits Of Our

Group Training

Depending on your training needs there are a lot of benefits to group training that will help you.  One you get to see how other dogs are learning which really helps most students realize we are all in the same boat.  Second its great for the dogs to learn self control because they are not able to meet or play with the other dogs. Group is not a playgroup for dogs so it teaches them self control and better handling skills.

Another benefit of group is if you have a shy dog it starts to learn that other people and dogs are not so bad.   If your dog is reactive (not at a high level) at a normal level then it will also teach them not to bark and act silly when other people and dogs are around.

 What Is Our Training


This is the most important part and the core of any dog trainer. Regardless of experience or marketing and how great they sound, its important to understand how they believe dog training should be done.  Mine is very simple, we never hurt, harm or intimidate dogs to get behavior.  We don’t use dominance for forced based training methods I hope you understand how important this is to your dog.

We positive based methods that build a relationship and promote learning and teaching instead of waiting for the dog to do something bad and correct it. Science based dog training has proven over and over again how effective and humane it can’t be while achieving amazing results. This is why we stay rooted in science based training and not dominance theory type training that hurts animals.

 How To Get

Started Training

Getting started with our group training classes is really simple.  Click on the button to the right and it will take you to our registration and payment page where you get reserve your spot for our next group class.  These have a limited number of students so register today with the starting class that works best for you.