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Training Agreement With InsideOut Dog Training


When asked about guarantees for dog training services many trainers balk. After all, how can a trainer guarantee what takes place between a client and their dog once the dog leaves the trainers premises? All training programs regardless of type require one thing: THAT THE CLIENT FOLLOWS THROUGH WITH THE TRAINERS INSTRUCTIONS ON A DAILY BASIS. Whether or not the client in fact complies is out of the trainer’s control. For this reason, many trainers will state that there is no way to guarantee the training. At InsideOut Dog Training we go the extra mile to ensure your training success. How do we do this? When you sign up for our any of our courses, you are essentially purchasing on going training for the life of your dog with our online training program. This keeps you up to date on your education with our dog training programs so as time passes you stay sharp on your training skills.  We can guarantee to provide you with amazing training programs that work, you just have to guarantee us you will follow through while having fun with your dog!


Once training begins we will not be able to provide any refund to clients. We explain what is covered in every program before we start, this ensures everyone is on the same page with whats required from the trainer as well as the client.  If termination for Training services occurs, Client shall be entitled to a credit for unused training sessions, or unused and training services less any expenses, towards future boarding or training services based upon InsideOut Dog Trainings current fee schedule. If the client’s dog passes to unforeseen health or emergency reasons than the remainder of the training program will be credited to their next dog.  If clients are unable to finish any of the training programs we will use the remainder as a credit for our online training programs.  This covers transportation, moving or unexpected health issues clients may face during training. (Unexpected health issues we will make every effort to help and even arrange home visits if possible at trainers discretion) Our goal is to help you and dog reach the training goals we have outlined in our free consultation but we cannot accomplish this without the owner’s commitment to finishing the program.

PROGRAM LENGTH: Our private training and board and train programs require six months to complete the training programs and private sessions. We know life can get in the way but we have to keep the progress for the dog moving. Starting training then stopping half way through will not help the dog reach its training goals or help you have a better pet.  These are training programs are designed to be foundation style training which requires training once every 7-14 days to keep the training going.  If you are unable to complete the sessions you will be credited an extended amount of time to view the online videos which cover the training.



Client agrees to use only positive methods when training their dogs and will not use force, intimidation or harm when working with their dogs. The client also agrees to follow up with daily training program created by InsideOut Dog Training for 15-20 mins a day to get desired results. This will not work without the clients follow up with our program.  Clients also agree to show up to each appointment on time and after 15mins without prior notice, we will cancel the appointment and have you reschedule a new one for another day.  If a client repeatedly is a no show or reschedules appointments excessively we reserve the right to cancel our training agreement.  We want to help you and help your dog but are not able to accomplish this without your help.  Please show up to each appointment ready to train!


Client grants permission to InsideOut Dog Training, its agents and employees and to any person, company or organization that InsideOut Dog Training may designate or Authorize, to take photographs, audio recording, or video recording of clients dog during any training session. ( Don’t worry we will never film or have photos without letting you know in advance and use the for public events and our Board and Train programs.