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Jason Rae – Dog Trainer

Jason Rae CPDT-KA
Jason Rae- CDPT-KA
Founder/Head Dog Trainer

Well, I started out being raised in a camp with super-intelligent kids from around the world and I learned all kinds of crazy stuff. I speak 30 different languages, fight like a ninja, run like a cheetah and can solve algorithms. Okay, I am pretty sure you’re not buying that, which makes sense because neither did the girls in high school.

Actually, I’m an off-the-wall, down-home kind of family guy from Texas who happens to love dogs … a lot. I’ve dedicated my life’s work to making an impact with dog owners and their dogs using positive training methods. It’s really simple, you don’t have to hurt or intimidate your dog in order to train them. Dogs are really loving and want to please humans which makes it an easy training process. Using positive methods will get faster and longer lasting results every time. We teach a better way! In fact we’ve made such a huge impact already that it’s been featured in major news media, created partnerships with major cities, and earned the trust of thousands of private dog owners like you. We’ve been able to do that through our Insideout Dog Training Company as well as the incredible site Insideout provides in person dog training solutions while is a free training system we’ve built for shelters & rescues as our way of giving back to the community. Millions of dogs across the world find themselves in shelters most of them not making it back into a loving home. What a tragedy, and for the most part this can be avoided if the owner was able to control their dog through training creating a harmonious life for both. We’ve found that TRAINING SAVES LIVES PERIOD!!

As you can tell I’m passionate about what we do! I have had the pleasure to work with hundreds even thousands of dogs over the last 14 years and achieved astonishing results with some of the most unruly dogs.  My goal is to partner with you to have the best dog possible and have a blast along the way.

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My Other Projects
A non profit dedicated to helping bring behavior programs to shelters and rescues across the country.
The first post adoption platform created for shelters designed to bring online training to brand new adopters.