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Ruffin’ It In The Dog House Event

Ruffin It In The Dog House Event

A few months ago I was invited to join an event that locks local business owners in a kennel for a full day until we raise enough money to be let out.  It’s to help bring awareness for homeless pets and taste a little bit of what they go through on a daily basis being in a kennel.  This sounded like an amazing event that could help raise a ton of money for a great cause.  I have been super excited about the event but as it got closer and closer I realized the rules for the event were actually very strict.

Rules Of Engagement/Enrichment

The only way to eat, drink and go to the bathroom during the event was to raise money to get out!  The only way to get an enrichment item such as a cell phone, chair or anything else was to raise money.  If anyone of you has spent any amount of time with me you know I am a busybody. I can’t stay still to save my life and being locked in a kennel without my phone or laptop sounds like a complete nightmare.  So the only way to get these items is to raise money!  When you think about the dynamic of the event its a really really smart way to raise money for animals in need. All the participants will do their best to raise money to get out of the kennel and also get items so boredom does not kill us.  On the other hand, when you think about saying yes to an event like this it’s always best to look at the rules first.

I Might Have Some Major Issues Here:

First thing I thought of was OMG I have the bladder of a seventy-year-old man and this might be an issue.  Although it is a kennel and does have drains the thought of having to pee in the corner with Director of the center in the next Kennel is not ok.  Next major huddle would be having to get an enrichment item to have while in the kennel.  Who in their right mind could ever sit in a kennel for ten hours while doing nothing!  I would seriously go crazy within an hour and probably drive everyo

ne else crazy during the event.  There are just so many things I might have looked into before saying yes!  I was just excited about helping raise money for the center and didn’t think this through all the way.  I am still excited because I know we will be able to raise money and not go crazy at the same time.

The Solution To All My Problems:

RAISE MONEY!  I am going to have to reach out to all my clients, friends and family to help me raise some money. Our goal is to raise $1,000 for the center while getting enrichment items for my self and getting out of this dang kennel.  I thought about just writing a check and paying for it but then where is the fun in that!  I am going to put my own money in for sure but still, need help to hit the goal.  Below is a link to my page Mary S. Roberts Pet Adoption Center set up for me to get donations for the event.  Please take a min and donate some cash to make this an event to remember. Also because peeing in the corner during a live event is scary… lol.

I am so excited to be a part of this event and help raise money for such a wonderful organization that does great work in the Riverside Community for homeless pets.  Let’s all participate weather your local and come by to visit or donating online to help the cause.  I am going to thank those who donate online in advance because I might not see ya at the event.



Mary S Roberts Pet Adoption Center

Our goal was to raise 1k for each person locked in the kennel for the day.  There were five people being kept in the kennels and the total amount for the event was 5k.  This would be a huge bump for the Mary S Roberts Pet Adoption Center and all the animals in its care.  Trust me when I say that 5k can go a really really long way in animals services when done right.

What happened blew us all away! Through the support of friends and family from all five participants, we raised over 15k for the center and their pets!  Yes, you read that correctly.  This event was a huge success in raising money for homeless pets in the Riverside Communities and I was so proud to be a part of it.  Seeing people come together with the common goal of helping cats and dogs is just AWESOME!

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