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Online Dog Training With Jason Rae

Can Online Dog Training Programs work?

Online Dog Training has become one of the most successful ways you can learn to train and work with your dog.  In the past it was easy to understand why everyone thought you had to hire a dog trainer and spend hundreds and even thousands of dollars on getting a trainer.  This can be a very frustrating process because who do you hire? Do they even know what they are doing? What are their credentials for teaching dogs new behaviors and fixing current behavior problems.

I am going to let you in on a very well know online dog training secret…

It’s not the dog that needs a Online Dog Training program its YOU!  Alot of your dogs behavior can be very simple, it’s based the environment and how you teach your dog to respond to it.  Yes its that simple… so its you that needs the education and it’s less and less the dog needs the education.  With our Online Dog Training programs you will be able to learn at your own pace how to work and train your dog using positive methods.

Using Positive Proven methods with our Online Dog Training programs.

Just like every dog trainer is not the same the methods they use are not the same. This is the biggest issue you will find in the entire dog training industry.  Some of the most common questions you will face are: Which method do you choose?  Is the method you choose going to get the results you want? Do you have to hurt the dog in order to teach the dog new behaviors?

These are all serious questions to a serious problem in our dog communities.  I am here to tell you that in our Online Dog Training program you will never be asked to hurt, harm or intimidate your dog for new behaviors.  Thats a old school way of dog training that might get a quick result because your dog is in fear of being hurt, but it will not get you a reliable behavior or build trust with your dog.

We use methods that are proven by science to work and recreate a reliable lasting behavior. Jason Rae is a CDPT trainer which simple means he understands the science of dog training. Understanding why the dog does the behavior is crucial in helping solving the behavior for the owners.

All of this to say we use POSITIVE DOG TRAINING METHODS!  that get amazing results!  These training sessions can be fun for you and your dog. Anyone in the family can teach them because we do not rely on force or harming.  You and your dog are going to love this Online Dog Training system!


My breakthrough Inside Out Basic Obedience Video Series shows how using motivation and positive methods instead of force and intimidation produces amazing results with the dog. This feel-good training method is easy-to-use, will enrich the dog owner and the dog’s lives and make the dog a more loving and enjoyable companion and family member.



In the Solving Dog Behavior Problems Series, I show dog owners how they can solve their dog’s worst behavior problems using positive methods and avoid spending a lot of money on an expensive dog trainer. And, the result is you will build a more trusting relationship with your dog. The series includes 20 of the most common dog problems.


Works On All Mobile Devices And Tablets

We know most dog owners are busy people and enjoy having their dog with them most of the time. That’s why all members have instant access to video series on their mobile devices and tablets. This enables you to reference the best dog training programs on the internet anytime you want while working with your dog at home, at the park or anywhere.


Online dog training is a fun way to build an amazing relationship with your dog without the cost of having a dog trainer.