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World Record Obedience Lesson

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Help Us Break A World Record!

Register for this class using the button on step one below.  The $5 fee pays for your class registration.  Then make sure to complete step two so we know where to place you and your dog in the class.  Be sure to look for your email confirmation after you register. If you don’t receive the email, check your spam folder. If needed, add us to your “safe” email list as a precaution. As a participant, you don’t want to miss any emails we may need to send 🙂

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Next 100 People Who Register For The Class Are Free!

Someone in the local community donated enough money for the next 100 registrations to be free. SKIP  step one below and register for the class.

[ultimate_info_table design_style=”design06″ color_scheme=”custom” color_bg_highlight=”rgba(40,103,182,0.78)” package_heading=”STEP ONE” package_sub_heading=”Pay For Class Registration” icon_type=”selector” icon=”Defaults-paw” icon_size=”35″ icon_color=”rgba(40,103,182,0.87)” icon_style=”circle” icon_color_bg=”#f2f2f2″ use_cta_btn=”true” package_btn_text=”Pay With Paypal” package_link=”||target:%20_blank”]To get registered and pay the $5 class registration via PayPal, click the button below.[/ultimate_info_table]
[ultimate_info_table design_style=”design06″ color_scheme=”custom” color_bg_highlight=”rgba(23,146,75,0.78)” package_heading=”STEP TWO” package_sub_heading=”Fill Out Information Form” icon_type=”selector” icon=”Defaults-paw” icon_size=”35″ icon_color=”#17924b” icon_style=”circle” icon_color_bg=”#f2f2f2″ use_cta_btn=”true” package_btn_text=”Fill Form Out” package_link=”||”]Fill out the form and use the SAME PAYPAL EMAIL used when you paid for class.[/ultimate_info_table]
[ultimate_info_table design_style=”design06″ color_scheme=”custom” color_bg_highlight=”rgba(221,153,51,0.77)” package_heading=”STEP THREE” package_sub_heading=”Download Class Information” icon_type=”selector” icon=”Defaults-paw” icon_size=”35″ icon_color=”rgba(221,153,51,0.86)” icon_style=”circle” icon_color_bg=”#f2f2f2″ use_cta_btn=”true” package_btn_text=”Download Class Forms” package_link=”||”]After Steps 1 & 2 have been completed, click below to download class information.[/ultimate_info_table]

World Record Dog Obedience Lesson & Registration & Participation Information:

  No, you do not have to be a Town of Apple Valley resident however, all participants must be at least 10 years of age.  Ages 10-17 may participate provided they can handle/control the dog they are working with, have an adult participate with them, can participate in a 30 minute minimum obedience lesson, and handle up to 1 hour or more prep time prior to the lesson.

There are a few ways to register.  Go to and  information/directions will be provided on the site, you may come in person to the shelter, or at an offsite activity.  Registration forms are available online, if needed.

Yes, there is a $5 registration fee which includes a raffle ticket. 

Online you will be direct to PayPal, which takes credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express).  At the shelter or offsite event, you may pay cash, check (with ID), or Visa/Mastercard/Discover.

At this time we are not requiring participating dogs be microchipped, however, if your dog does not already have a microchip, we have 150 FREE microchips (while supplies last) if you would like one. Proof of paid registration is required.  Can be done at the event or before at the Apple Valley Shelter:  22131 Powhatan Rd., Tues.-Sat., 9am – 4pm.

The parameters of this world record state all dogs must be adults at the time of the obedience lesson. If your dog will not be 1 year or more at the time of the event he/she will not be allowed to participate.


Yes. If you cannot participate with your own dog or you do not own one, you may participate with another dog provided you have the owners permission.

No. One of our goals in breaking this world record is to help owners understand Obedience Mattersand help make every dog a good canine citizen. As long as the dog is dog socialhe or she is welcome to participate.

 Yes.  There will be two (2) low-cost vaccine clinics at the event.  As long as you have vaccines done there and bring over the proof, you’re covered.

Yes.  We will have vets at the event who should be able to verify.  As long as they can confirm sterility, we will accept that as proof.

If you cannot find an answer, you may email AVAS at: