Charlotte Animal Shelters

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Charlotte Animal SheltersCongratulations to you if you are planning to adopt a dog from one of the Charlotte Animal Shelters. It’s the right decision and you’ll know you’ve come to the right place when you see the hundreds of wonderful rescue dogs you’ll have to choose from. The Charlotte Animal Shelters include a network of three local shelters located throughout the Minneapolis area with addresses listed below.

There are a number of places people go to get a dog. Some will buy one from their local pet store. Others will contact a breeder who has been recommended by a friend or relative who owns a dog that they supplied. We think the best place for you to go to find your new best friend is one of the Charlotte Animal Shelters. Here’s something to think about … when you rescue a dog from one of the local Charlotte Animal Shelters, you’ll get a terrific pet and also be freeing up space and saving another dog. There’s such a wide variety or dogs to choose from that we’re confident you’ll find the perfect match for you and your family.

Charlotte Animal Shelters

Animal Care & Control Division
8315 Byrum Drive
Charlotte, NC 28217

The Animal Care & Control Division of the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department is committed to protecting the safety of citizens and animals within our community. Our goals are to create partnerships within the community in order to promote responsible pet ownership, decrease the overpopulation of domestic pets through spay-neuter programs, and to place adoptable animals in good homes.

CMPD Animal Care & Control picks up and receives stray or lost animals found by members of the community. If an animal comes to the shelter with identification such as a rabies tag, microchip or tattoo, Animal Care & Control officers will make every effort to locate the owner. This may take several days.

Charlotte Humane Society
2700 Toomey Avenue
Charlotte, NC 28203

The Humane Society of Charlotte is working with you to create a world where there are no more homeless and unwanted animals. As a “space available shelter,” our policy is that all animals at the Humane Society of Charlotte are offered the opportunity of a safe and loving home. For every animal adopted, another animal comes in. We are working with the community to create a world where there are no more homeless and unwanted animals. We are proud to be an “adoption guarantee” shelter working on rehoming cats and dogs that are rehabilitatable and manageable. The Humane Society of Charlotte is a private, 501(c)3 nonprofit organization supported by the generosity of many animal lovers, grants, bequests and fees for services.

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Charlotte Animal Shelters

Charlotte Animal Shelters are an amazing place to pick out a lifelong family companion. They are sure to have your next future dog!

Animal SheltersOnce you’ve decided to get a dog from one of the local Charlotte Animal Shelters, you need to decide whom and how you want the dog to be trained. This can be time consuming but it’s important you make the right decision for you and the dog. We’ve developed a guide for dog training in Charlotte that can help you. Many new dog adopters enroll their dog in group training classes at a nearby park or local pet store. Others hire a professional dog trainer to train their dog. However, this can be costly as dog trainers can charge several hundred dollars or more to train a dog. We believe the best answer is to train the dog yourself. By far, it’s the most rewarding and you’ll have a great opportunity of building a bond between the two of you that will last for years to come.

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Training Your Dog At Home

Shelter Dog TrainingAfter deciding to train the dog yourself, we recommend you train your dog at home. Both you and the dog will be more comfortable in a familiar surrounding and it’ll also be loads of fun. Not only that but you’ll save a lot of money. And, let’s face reality … you ultimately will be training the dog anyway as you’re the one who will be with him over his lifetime. So train the dog yourself using our inexpensive and easy-to-use online dog training video programs for guidance.

Our Inside Out Basic Obedience Series feature Jason Rae and his breakthrough positive reinforcement training methods and techniques that produce fabulous results. The videos not only cover the how-to in dog training but also the psychology of working with dogs. Another great series is Jason’s Solving Dog Behavior Problems Series, which shows new dog adopters how to fix 20 of the most common dog behavior problems using positive techniques and not intimidation or force.

Here’s our recommendation … plan on getting a dog for you and your family from one of the Charlotte Animal Shelters and train him yourself using our online videos for guidance. You’ll be happy with your decision.
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