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Dallas Animal Shelters For Dog Adoptions

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Dallas Animal SheltersDeciding to get a dog and where to go to get one are big decisions every new dog owner faces. More and more new dog owners today are choosing to adopt a dog at one of the Dallas Animal Shelters. There are seven different shelters located throughout the Dallas area, all of which are listed below.

New dog owners have a number of choices when it comes to getting a dog. Many will elect to buy one from a breeder who has been recommended by a friend or relative. Others will simply go the local pet store to buy one. We believe a better choice is to get a dog from a Dallas Animal Shelters where there are an astonishing number of great dogs to choose from. And here’s some great news! When you rescue a dog from one of the Dallas Animal Shelters you’ll not only get a wonderful pet, you’ll be saving space for another rescue dog. Thousands of people have found their perfect dog there and we know you will too.

Dallas Animal Shelters With Dog Adoptions

Dallas Animal Services
1818 N. Westmoreland Rd
Dallas, TX 75212

Dallas Animal Services and Adoption Center is dedicated to the humane treatment of animals in Dallas and educating others about responsible pet ownership. We reinforce these ideals every day by providing daily care for hundreds of animals in our shelter, assisting citizens who come to see us as well as out in the community. We respond to calls regarding animal welfare and concerns, conduct free Responsible Pet Ownership classes, hold offsite animal adoption events, and speak at and provide educational information at public safety fairs, environmental festivals, and neighborhood organizations.

Operation Kindness
3201 Earhart Drive
Carrollton, TX 75006

Founded in 1976, Operation Kindness is the oldest and largest no-kill shelter in North Texas.We have saved nearly 70,000 animals since our inception. We care for an average of 200-250 animals on a day-to-day basis, with another 60-80 animals in foster homes. More than 3,000 dogs and cats are assisted by Operation Kindness each year.

North Dallas Dog Rescue
6918 Robin Willow Drive
Dallas, TX 75248

Our mission is clear: to rescue abandoned dogs from local Dallas animal shelters and match them with loving families and permanent homes in Dallas, North Texas and beyond.

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Dallas Animal Shelters With Dog Adoptions

Dallas Animal Shelters are an amazing place to pick out a lifelong family companion. They are sure to have your next future dog!

Animal SheltersAfter deciding to get your dog from a local Dallas Animal Shelter, you’ll want to get him trained as soon as possible. We’ve prepared a guide for dog training in Dallas that will help you determine whom and how you want to train your dog. Many new dog owners prefer to enroll their dog in a group training class while others choose to have a professional dog trainer train their dog when cost is not a factor. A third and better alternative we believe is to train your new furry friend yourself. Regardless of which way works for you, recognize that it’s an important decision … as how the dog is trained can have a major impact on your long term relationship with him. So take your time in making this decision. And remember this … you ultimately will be training the dog yourself even though someone else has done the initial training. You’ll find it to be a rewarding and fun experience, one that’ll help you build a life-long relationship with your dog.

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Training Your Dog At Home

Shelter Dog TrainingIf you decide to train your dog yourself, make sure to train your dog at home. Why …because he and you will be comfortable working together in a home setting. Training a dog from one of the local Dallas animal shelters takes time and is an ongoing process but it can save you a lot of time and money and you and your dog will enjoy the experience. When you see how the dog bonds with you, you’ll know you made the right decision. There are a number of affordable online dog training videos available to help you train your dog.

A very popular and affordable online videos series is the Inside Out Basic Obedience Series, which features nationally recognized dog trainer, Jason Rae. He’ll show you his breakthrough positive reinforcement training methods which produce amazing results. In these videos, Jason shows you the how-to in dog training and the psychology of working with dogs. Another important series is Jason’s Solving Dog Behavior Problems Series, which shows dog owners how they can solve their dog’s worst behavior problems themselves using positive methods and saving money at the same time. All dogs from time to time will have behavior problems and these videos will show you how to solve 20 of the most common problems.

Here’s the most important thing to remember though … adopt a dog from one of the local Dallas Animal Shelters rather than buying one from somewhere else. When you do, you’ll know you made the right decision.
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