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Dog Dental Care Guide

Dog Dental Care Tips

Dog Dental CareSome of you reading this article are probably thinking, “Why should I care about my dog’s teeth”? As humans, we care about our teeth so why not do the same for our dogs that we love so much. If you love your furry friend, his dental care should be important too.

Here’s some great new for dog owners – dogs cannot get cavities. The bad news is that they can get almost every other dental problem out there. So it’s best that we use prevention to take care of their teeth and that starts with making sure they have a very healthy diet and eat the right foods. In the long run, this will recue your future medical bills.

How to Prevent Plaque and Tarter

Brush their teeth! To some people, this might seem a little extreme. What’s ‘extreme’ when you love your pet? If this is going to help their overall health and save you money in the long run, the proper dog dental care makes perfect sense. If your dog won’t let you brush their teeth, I suggest you buy an online video program that shows you how to do it without upsetting your dog. If you don’t want to do it yourself, you’ll find many groomers who provide the service. So, every time Fido goes in for that grooming, add teeth cleaning to the list.

Another point … be sure to feed you dog hard crunchy (healthy) kibble. Chomping down on that hard food will scrap some of that build up off their teeth. Although your dog might love it, it’s best not to feed them wet canned food. This wet food will remain on their teeth causing major build up. Some will say, “But my dog will only eat wet food”. One thing your dog won’t do is starve himself; so make the switch. Your dog might be stubborn the first few times but don’t feel bad. Simply wait him out and the dog will eventually eat. Although it’s hard, don’t give in to that sad face; wet food on a regular basis is not what’s best for them.

There are a variety of dental chew bones for your dog that are available. They are excellent at cleaning off the tarter and plaque buildup that collects over time. So go ahead give your dog a bone, it’s good for him!

Signs Your Dog Is Having Dental Problems

• Red and/or puffy gums
• Bleeding gums
• Increased saliva
• Missing or loose teeth
• Reluctance to chewing or discomfort when chewing

Take Your Dog Dental Care Serious!

Please take your dog to the vet if he is showing any of these symptoms. If these symptoms are ignored, you’ll find that everything in his life will get worse … not to mention the pain he may be suffering. Dogs cannot speak but they will show us signs that they are not feeling great. It’s up to us as good owners to pay attention and act responsibly on their behalf.

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