Philadelphia Animal Shelters

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Philadelphia Animal SheltersPeople getting a pet usually get one from a friend, pet store, breeder or local shelter/rescue. The best choice is to adopt a dog from one of the Philadelphia Animal Shelters. It’s also the right thing to do because when you adopt a pet from one of Philadelphia Animal Shelters you’ll get to choose from hundreds of wonderful dogs who are waiting to go home with you and be your lifelong friend. The Philadelphia Animal Shelters include a network of three local shelters located throughout the area with their locations listed below.

Here’s an important thing to know about adopting a pet from one of our shelters. When you adopt a dog from one of our Philadelphia Animal Shelters you’re really saving another dog by opening a spot for him. With the variety of available dogs to choose from we’re confident you’ll find the perfect dog for you and your family.

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Philadelphia Animal Shelters

Philadelphia Animal Shelters are an amazing place to pick out a lifelong family companion. They are sure to have your next future dog!

Animal SheltersOnce you’ve selected your dog from one of the Philadelphia Animal Shelters, try to get him trained as soon as possible. We’ve created an informative guide for dog training in Philadelphia to help you in this area. You have plenty of options when it comes to training your dog. You may want to enroll him (and you) in a group class that usually is held at the local park or pet store. Or, you may prefer to have an outside professional dog trainer train your dog. There are some excellent ones, some pretty good ones and some marginal ones out there. Take your time and ask them a lot of questions if this is the way you want to go. Remember though, having a professional train your dog can be quite expensive and cost you several hundred dollars or more.

We strongly believe that the best way to train your dog is for you to train him yourself. You’ll find it to be a very satisfying experience for both you and your dog. You’ll build a bond between the two of you that will last a lifetime. Who trains your dog and deciding how he gets trained are important decisions, so take your time when deciding which way you want to go.

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Training Your Dog At Home

Shelter Dog TrainingOne of the most enjoyable things you can do with your new furry friend is train your dog at home. It’s a lot of fun, saves you money and provides both of you with a comfortable environment. And, here’s the thing …. as you’re going to have the dog for many, many years, you’re going to be training him anyway. Why not start out that way in the first place. We’ve produced a number of inexpensive, easy-to-use online dog training videos that you can access from your computer or mobile device that can help you in the training process.

Our Inside Out Basic Obedience Series features Jason Rae and his breakthrough positive training methods which produce incredible results. They cover the how-to in dog training and the psychology of working with dogs. You’ll get a better understanding of what your relationship with your dog can be by watching these videos. Another series that will be of interest to you is Jason’s Solving Dog Behavior Problems Series. In this series he shows viewers how to fix 20 of the most common dog behavior problems.

The most important thing to remember though is to be sure to get your dog from one of the Philadelphia Animal Shelters and train him yourself using our videos programs for guidance. You’ll have a happier dog and a more enjoyable family companion. Go for it.
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