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San Antonio Animal Shelters For Dog Adoptions

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San Antonio Animal SheltersOnce you decided to get a dog, your next question is, “Where do I get one”. While there are a number of places where you can get a dog, we believe you’ll make the right decision if you choose to adopt one from a San Antonio Animal Shelter. There is a network of seven local shelters located throughout the area, all listed below.

A lot of people who get a dog buy one from a local pet store or from a local breeder that someone has recommended to them. We believe there’s a better place to get a puppy or dog. When you rescue a dog from one of the San Antonio Animal Shelters you’ll not only get a great dog but you’ll also be opening up a space for another rescue dog. Prospective dog owners are always flabbergasted at the number and variety of available dogs at our shelters. You can be assured you’ll find the perfect pet here for you and your family.

San Antonio Animal Shelters

San Antonio Animal Shelter
4710 State Highway 151
San Antonio, TX 78227 
Getting a new pet is a big decision and one that shouldn’t be made on a whim. Think carefully about getting a pet. Commit to providing a “forever” home.

Animal Friends 4 Ever
28730 IH 10 West
Boerne, TX 78006

Animal Friends wasestablished as a no-kill shelter in May of 2000, devoted to helping the homeless and unwanted animals in this city find responsible, loving homes. Animal Friends is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit Texas corporation. We do not receive any city or county funding and survive solely on public donations and adoption fees. We have changed locations a few times but our mission will continue no matter where we are. 

9634 Schaefer Rd
Converse, TX 78109

CASI is a non-profit, 501(c)(3), organization that was begun in 1979 when Mayor John Van Voorhis appointed Sue Schones chairperson. It was completed in 1982 on land donated by George Ammeman, with donations, volunteers and hard work. All funds are used for the benefit of the animals.  Since September 1982, over 18,000 helpless, abandoned, unwanted, sick and lost animals have come through its gates.

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San Antonio Animal Shelters

San Antonio Animal Shelters are an amazing place to pick out a lifelong family companion. They are sure to have your next future dog!

Animal SheltersOnce you’ve decided to get your new dog from one of the local San Antonio Animal Shelters, you’ll want to get him trained. To help you in this area, we’ve prepared a guide for dog training in San Antonio. We want you to make the right choice as to whom and how your dog gets trained. It’s a big decision and can affect your long term relationship with your dog so we suggest you take your time before making your decision. Many new dog owners take their dog to a local park or pet store that holds group dog training sessions. Others prefer to use a professional dog trainer, which can get expensive. Our recommendation is to train the dog yourself as ultimately you’ll be the one training and working him in the long run. You’ll find it to be a rewarding experience and one that will help you build a life-long loving relationship with your dog.

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Training Your Dog At Home

Shelter Dog TrainingIf you train your dog yourself, train your dog at home. Training him in the same environment where he’ll be living will give him and you a sense of comfort. It takes time to train a dog. It’s not a short term endeavor but rather an ongoing process. It’s also one of the most enjoyable times you can have with your dog and can save you a lot of money. When you see the kind of bonding relationship that occurs, you’ll be glad you made the decision to train him yourself. There are a number of affordable online dog training videos available to give you guidance in the training process.

One series is the Inside Out Basic Obedience Series, featuring Jason Rae and his breakthrough positive reinforcement training methods which produce amazing results. In these videos, Jason not only shows you the how-to in dog training but the psychology of working with dogs. Another popular series is Jason’s Solving Dog Behavior Problems Series, which shows dog owners how they can solve their dog’s worst behavior problems using positive methods. All dogs from time to time have problems and this series will show you how to solve 20 of the most common problems. By solving the problems yourself you’ll avoid going to a professional dog trainer and save a lot of money.

If you take away only one thing from this article we hope it’s this. Be sure to get your new dog from one of the San Antonio Animal Shelters rather from another source. It’s the right thing to do and you don’t suport puppy mills buy buying dogs.
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