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Dog Food Ingredients, Worst 3

Top 3 Worst Dog Food Ingredients


dog food ingredients
I’m feeding my dog what? You will be surprised by some of the ingredients in your dogs food. Beware of tricky labels that want to deceive you. “Healthy Nutrition” “Lamb & Rice” “Weight Control” “Proactive Health”. Yeah, right! These labels can distract you from what’s really inside. Ingredients like Corn, BHA/BHT, Animal fat(mixed with Tocopherols), theses dog food ingredients can be harmful to your adorable furry friend. Below I’ve listed the Top 3 Worst Dog Food Ingredients you can possibly feed your dog.

1. Corn: First of the Worst Dog Food Ingredients

Corn and Corn Meal sounds healthy right? NOPE, not even close! Corn can be difficult for our dogs to digest. As well, it is horrible for the skin and coat. This dog food ingredient is bad news for your dog from the inside OUT! Corn in your dogs diet can inhibit the dog’s natural ability to send serotonin to the brain. Serotonin is vital in reducing stress and anxiety. I bet you didn’t know your dog’s diet can affect their behavior, well now you do. Another reason dog food companies add corn is very simple, its a cheap filler that makes the dried kibbles of dog food bigger so they can put less meat or healthy ingredients into the actual kibble. This explains why most cheap dog foods will have this ingredient, because it saves tons of money for the manufacturer, but cost your dog it’s health in the long run.

2. BHA/BHT: Second on the lift of Ingredients

Butylated Hydroxyanisole and Butylated Hydroxytoluene are not just impossible to read they are horrible dog food ingredients. They are used to preserve fats and studies have linked these preservatives to different types of cancer. I am 100% sure we don’t to increase our dog’s chance of getting Stomach, Thyroid or Bladder cancer. This ingredient is found in the more less expensive brands of dog food. Spend a little more money, love your dog and don’t feed this to them! I will promise you that spending an extra ten or fifteen dollars on good dog food ingredients will save you a ton of money in health costs down the road.

3. Animal Fat: Third of the Worst Dog Food Ingredients

Animal Fat(Preserved with Mixed Tocopherols) If this sounds gross, that’s because it is! This ingredient is vague to say the least. Animal Fat? What animal are we talking about here? Well the truth is, you don’t know. I think it’s best to KNOW what your are feeding your dog. Ingredients listed as “Animal Fat” or “Meat Fat” just don’t give enough information. Look for ingredients listed as “Chicken Fat” or “Beef Fat” at least then you know what is being fed to your dog.

Cost of a Good Dog Food Don’t be so concerned with the increased cost of a good quality food. Better quality dog food ingredients mean you can feed your dog less. The Better the food, the more nutrients there are for your dog. Also you will save money in medical bills by not feeding your dog “junk food”. We wouldn’t let our kids eat Cheetos for breakfast lunch and dinner just because the bag says “Real Cheese”. A poor quality food for a dog is the same idea. Read the ingredients, don’t be fooled by labels, and spend a few more dollars….your dog will thank you!

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