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Abandoned Puppy Gets Adopted


Sometime last week, Winnipeg Animal Services Officers rescued a puppy who was abandoned in a dumpster. The dumpster was located in the 1000 block of Jefferson Avenue and ‘Rayne’, the puppy, is recovering in the care of the agency. Sources from the Animal Services Agency say the small canine will be well enough to go to a new home very soon.

Chief Operating Officer of the city’s Animal Services Agency, Leland Gordon, said the eight-week-old puppy is a shepherd-collie mix, and will be up for adoption ASAP. He also mentioned that people who are considering relinquishing pets should drop them off at shelters, as opposed to dumping them in a trash can.

“Don’t throw the dog in a dumpster, especially a puppy. It’s not that hard to find a home for a cute little puppy. Pets are not disposable. When you get a pet, it’s your responsibility to take care of that pet.”

Anyone with information regarding the dog’s previous owner is asked to call 311. To view Rayne’s information, and a list of other dogs available for adoption, go to

Since writing this article, we have discovered Rayne, the dumpster dog, has found a loving home sooner than expected. Remember, there are a ton of great dogs out there looking for an owner and while if you wanted Rayne you are out of luck, check a shelter near you for an amazing rescue dog.

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