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Apple Valley Animal Rescue


Apple Valley Animal Rescue – Pets Forever Found


I wanted to tell you guys about an amazing local Apple Valley animal rescue near my house and thought that now would be the perfect time. With awareness about animal rescue and shelter dogs on the rise, a ton of people are shifting to this newer way of getting a lifelong family friend. One of my favorite animal shelters in the Apple Valley area is Pets Forever Found.

One reason I feel so strongly about their rescue is that the founder, Tessa, is one of the most loving animal people I have ever met. Her passion for animals is unmatched, as she would go to the ends of the Earth to help an animal in need. This devotion to animals carries over into her rescue, and down her organization, and it shows. I respect everything she does for the animal community and hope to evolve our partnership over the years.

Not Just Another Apple Valley Animal Rescue

Pets Forever Found is a nonprofit organization whose primary goals are to reunite, relocate, and find homes for any and all lost or abandoned animals. They succeeded in that with over 300 animals last year and are going for double that number this year. The great thing about Pets Forever Found is that every animal that goes through their organization are spayed/neutered, micro chipped and receives all their vaccinations.

Their organization runs on donations and volunteers alone, which obviously make things very tight. These people at Pets Forever Found are amazing; they care for EVERY animal that comes through their animal rescue and are a NO KILL organization.

If you are looking for an Apple Valley Animal Rescue, Pets Forever Found is the right choice!

A ton of great dogs up for adoption

If you are interested in getting your rescue dog trained using positive methods, click here for Dog Training in Apple Valley

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I always have rescued my doggies ! Can I volunteer ?

You can always reach out to them and would love to have more volunteers to help! Just google them and give them a ring they would love to hear from ya 🙂

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