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Should you get someone a dog as a surprise present?

Merry Christmas From InsideOut Dog Training!!!

Let’s talk about the idea of getting someone a dog as a surprise present? In my opinion the answer is NO! Impulse buys for temporary pleasure on material objects is one thing, but an animal that is going to be around 24/7 for the next decade plus is a different story. I’m not discouraging you from getting a dog by any means, however you really need to think it through. It’s literally like giving someone a child as a present their every need is dependent on their new owner.

There are four things to consider when getting a dog on any occasion.

Dogs For Kids As A Gift:

We all want to make our kids happy especially on Christmas, but when you say you’re getting a dog for the kids it’s really getting yourself a dog. Kids will be kids, and have a hard enough time being responsible for themselves let alone a dog.

Money And Budget For A New Dog:

Dogs are not robots they require constant care and upkeep like dog food, vet visits, grooming, training etc.. This can add up to a lot of money over the life of your four legged new family member.

The Time Investment:

The main sacrifice will be the quality time investment that dogs require. They are loving and wonderful animals that seek social contact and want to be with your family. We see it over and over that when busy families don’t take the time and neglect their dog behavior problems arise. Everybody becomes miserable and even worse the dog ends up in a shelter a lot of times.

Why Am I Getting A Dog?

The answer needs to be much deeper than just I want a great surprise for someone. Always remember that commitment is doing the thing you said long after the feeling in which you said it has left you.

Instead of them opening up a present and that cute puppy jumping out and stealing everyone’s heart, I want you to picture them looking into a box that has a stack of bills in it. As they confusingly look over these imaginary bills of more than a decades worth of dog food, vet bills, pet supplies, dog training, grooming, and much more you enthusiastically scream SUPRISE! What would happen in this scenario, would they tear up with joy and scream thank you this is the best present ever while giving you a great big hug, or are they tears of fear that their loved one just lost their mind and that’s not a hug its a choke hold…

Dogs As Gifts - Apple Valley Dog TrainingNow I’m being silly, but you get my point. Let’s stick with the fruit cake and ugly re-gifted sweater instead, trust me it’ll work out better in the long run for them and the dog. Now with that said I think getting a dog on purpose is one of the best ideas you could ever do for you and your family. I’m married with four kids, and our lives wouldn’t be the same without our four dogs they bring us so much joy. I wish the same for you, and I hope you have an amazing Christmas and New Years. In the meantime if you have any questions, or interest in dog training contact us through our site We’ll see you in the next webisode!

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