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Loyal Dog Saves Young Child

Dog saves Child

Abandoned Child Gets A Friend

Dog saves Child
Left alone in the dark, cold environment, a baby lay alone to fend for himself; until a local farm dog saved him.

A very loyal canine earned his hero status after he found and protected a small child overnight. The baby was left by his mother for unknown reasons and was all alone under a bridge in Winkongo, Ghana.

According to Madam Azure, the baby was just two weeks old, and would never have had a shot of survival had the dog not came to the rescue. His umbilical cord was still uncut and had an infection, but other than that the baby was in perfect condition after spending the night with the protective dog.

Officials said the dog and small boy were found hours after the canine went missing. A search party looked through the night to find the dog, scanning fields and forests for the escaped canine. In the morning they made a pretty shocking discovery when they found their dog under the bridge, nestled with a baby.

A local health directorate has taken custody of the child until a new home can be found for him.

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