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Orphaned Chimpanzee Raised by Mastiff

Orphaned Chimp Shaking Mastiff's Paw

This is an amazing story about orphaned chimpanzee raised by a Mastiff

About two years ago in a Russian zoo a female chimpanzee abandoned her baby. What no one expected was when the zoo employee took the baby home that her mastiff would take all the motherly duties for this baby chimp. Sometimes I amazed that dogs have the capacity to do things like this when other animals need help. Their tons of stories out there about mother dogs taking in other animals as their own. This is just another sign to us that dogs are smarter and more caring than we think and are capable of doing some pretty amazing things. Just yesterday I was bit by a bug and had a serious allergic reaction and was feeling really sick and achy all over my body, and leave to the dogs to comfort me when I was sick. They have this innate ability to know when other animals or people are sick and they become very soft and loving. This is a lesson to us because dogs read your body language better than any other animal and they understand very quickly when something is not right. I would go through these pictures of the orphaned chimpanzees rased by this mastiff and be amazed how this dog really helps take take of these chimp babies and see how this mom is simple amazing.

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This can’t be any sweeter ! I have a mastiff she’s so sweet ! Velcro doggie ! Oh thanks this is amazing 🙂

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