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Thank You Rocket For The Amazing 13 Years We Had With You!

Rocket and Jason Rae Dog Trainer

Rocket and Jason Rae Dog TrainerThis post is a public thank you letter to Rocket my miniature schnauzer who we lost today due to a stroke. As you know I normally make videos about everything that is happening with our training. This time around it was much too painful and I couldn’t make it through the entire video without getting upset. He was a great pet and companion to our whole family for 13 years. Everyone loved him dearly and we truly realized that tonight as we weeped because of his loss. I get it, some people might say “Hey it’s just a dog” but those people will never understand the true bond you can have with your animal, because if they did, that sentence would never leave their mouth.

I wanted to write this public thank you letter to him because hundreds of your dogs are better companions because of this little schnauzer with a personality so big you had to learn to love it. If you have ever had a board & train through us then your dog knows Rocket really well. He was the most dog social dog I have ever met or had the pleasure of owning as a pet. He has helped so many work through their dog to dog issues by being a patient leader for them. So many puppies are safer around adult dogs because they were able to learn proper behavior through him without the fear of being hurt. I am a better trainer because he challenged me to be better through his larger than life personality. He was a loving dog and he deserves a very public thank you because of his service to so many dogs. He is going to be deeply missed through out our entire household for a long time.

I was so grateful that I got to hold his head and talk him through his last moments with us. I will forever remember this little guy who made such a impact on our family. Thank you so much Rocket for being an amazing dog, companion and friend. You will be missed!

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