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What Are You Thankful For This Thanksgiving?

Jason Rae and Dimond Service Training

Every year on Thanksgiving our family sits around An huge dinner that took all day to make and took tons of effort from the amazing women in our family. We always talk about and give thanks to some of the most important things in our lives and I always have so much to be thankful for every year. My older boys are unbelievable, my two youngest being so much joy into our lives, my wife is amazing and my in laws are less like in laws and more like just mom and dad. With all that said I would like to share a experience I had just yesterday while training a service dog named Diamond at our local Lowe’s store. He is being trained to help his owner David work through PTSD after serving our country for so many years. As we were doing our training we had several men come up and shake David’s hand and thank him for his service. Of course David is super humble and just says thank you and goes about his way while Dimond his service dog in training would rather jump and thank those men for thanking David … Lol we are working on that but you have to love his excitement. They showed so much appreciation for David’s service and it was overwhelmingly a positive experience. The last person we met walked up to me and said “are you the trainer ” and I stood up tall and said yes I am thinking he was going to talk with me and maybe ask for training services for his dog. Then he said ok and then walked right over to David and adamantly thanked him for his service. It made me kinda laugh at myself and it made me so proud to be working with Dimond and David in service work. So today I am thankful for two things on top of everything else and that is a special thanks for service men and woman who protect our country and give us the liberties we enjoy everyday. Dimond training with Jason Rae Dog TrainerSo many have gone in to service and came out either injured or needing help to cope with every day life all for the sake of protecting this country. We forget that the only way we can have such an amazing country is because people give their lives every day to protect it. Second I am thankful for our four legged friends that can help the service men and woman cope with everyday life after they are done with their service. Dogs are amazing companions and we forget to be thankful for them but remember, they are there when we are sad or upset. They can be better to talk too than a therapist and funner to hang out with than family. They are forgiving when we forget or don’t give them the things they need like exercise and attention. They are simply special and deserve our commitment and thankfulness. So this Thanksgiving if you have someone in your family that has served give them a extra big hug and tell them thanks. As for your four legged family member give them a big hug as well and maybe some extra attention today for being such a huge part of our lives!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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