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Young Calicoe Dog Fighting Viral Video

Young Calicoe Dog Fighting

Young Calicoe Dog Fighting Ring – Police seize animals by Detroit rapper

Before I begin telling you what I think about this guy and what he is doing with his dogs, I want to let everyone know that this is just my opinion. I am a true dog lover and someone who cares for these animals everyday. So this rant I am about to take is just what most of us are thinking and not be willing to say, so I will go ahead and just say it.

Young Calicoe Dog Fighting I know there is a fine line between educating someone and judging them, which gets confused all the time. As dog lovers, we want to educate people about how to take care of their dogs properly in hopes teaching them how to train their dog using positive methods. When I see someone who enjoys what they are doing as much as Young Calicoe seems to be doing in this video, my blood begins to boil and causes a response such as the rant below.

Recording The Tour Of Your Dog Fighting Facility.
1. First we have to start with just how much of a dumb ass this guy is for recording illegal activity for the world to see and then post all over the web. You should be on the world’s dumbest criminal’s show for being so stupid. In your ignorance, you brag about all the things you do with the dogs so the Feds will have plenty of information to prosecute you. The only thing you forgot was a written confession, signed and hand delivered to their door.

Put Your Attention Elsewhere Like Rapping Or How You Will Spend Time In Your Jail Cell.
2. If you were better at rapping and your current profession, Young Calicoe, you wouldn’t need to fight dogs. Maybe you should be in the studio working on a song that sells and makes money instead of torturing dogs. YES! I said torturing dogs because I have rehabilitated bait dogs and fighting dogs and you sir are preventing these dogs from having a normal, loving existence.

Giving The Authorities A Reason To Raid Your Sorry Ass.
3. This one is just the icing on the cake. You said, “Anyone want to fight some dogs, hope we don’t get indicted for that, that Michael Vick type shit”. Then you post evidence all over the internet for the world and the Feds to see. Your not really the sharpest tool in the shed.

Please Tell Us More About Your Illegal Activities.
4. Thanks for showing us the other felonies so we can put you in jail even longer. You said, “Oh yeah, we fight them too, that’s a grand champ right there”. Last time I checked, rooster fighting is illegal in every state and a felony in 39. I didn’t check on your state but I am hoping it is because that will probably add to your jail sentence.

The Video Wasn’t Enough So You Gave Us Examples Of Your Crimes.
5. The tour of confessions… every time you walk in and point and say he is a grand champion, you’re admitting that you fight the dogs. Also, you should know that the Feds will be able to check these dogs and know if they have been fighting. If so, thanks for the confirmation.

You Really Race That Crappy Car?
6. I am sure you can’t charge someone for saying they street race, but by showing that crappy car you said you race with and that tore up engine just speaks volumes… You cannot even race cars properly.

Things that Young Calicoe did right when showing the world his dog fighting facility

1. It looks like you surrounded yourself with some upstanding citizens that I am sure when it comes down to facing jail time will gladly take your place so you can continue your glorious rapping career. NOT!

2. You were smart enough to video tape the whole thing so we can really understand just how stupid you are and now there’s evidence to convict you (cross our fingers).

3. Last but not least, you have posted this horrible video all over the internet. This means that not only all the dog lovers in the world can despise these revolting actions towards dogs but the authorities can now raid your house to obtain evidence… which they did yesterday so thank you for that.

Now that my rant is over, let’s talk about a few things that happened with this situation. First you will notice that the dogs were glad to see these douche-bags. The sad thing is, these are the same people who fight them. Dogs are pack animals and seek interaction which most love and that’s why dogs are called man’s best friend. I just hated to see these dogs in these type of conditions… because all the kennels and crates where also in horrible condition. On a positive note, this should help raise awareness to everyone, including the government to legislate stiffer penalties for people who decide to fight dogs. If you want to watch the video tour of his crimes, the video is included below. Please comment and let us know what you think about these douche-bags.

Young Calicoe Dog Fighting Tour

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