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Jason Rae Dog Trainer Pet AdoptionsWorking as a partner with Mary S Roberts I get too see so many dogs at such a fast pace. Big dogs small dogs and everything in between which allows me to see some pretty amazing dogs. If these same dogs where in a home environment they would act completely different. Chance is a perfect example of this exact thing happening. He came into the center and was soft and wiggly and loved people but due to having a longer length of stay he started to decline just a bit. He still is amazingly social with dogs and people he has just developed a few non social behaviors which is not that uncommon. This happens everyday across the country with dogs that have been surrendered for what ever reason and enter the shelter system.

Chance is a one year old terrier mix that is a great do it all type of dog. He could be the perfect hiking buddy or for someone who runs and it active. You don’t have to be a athletic to adopt him he just really loves to play. He is also good with dogs and would excel in a active family environment. He is also been sponsored for Free Group Training Classes and one Free 1 on 1 session with me at the Mary S Roberts Pet Adoption Center. Below is a link to Chance’s profile at the adoption center where he is located.


AGE: 1 Year
SEX: Male
WEIGHT: 32.7 lbs
PET ID: 14137

Chances Profile

Chance Riverside Dog Training With Jason Rae

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