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Vet Office Etiquette

Vet office etiquette is very important for your dogs safety!

So I think this video falls under helpful rant because it came from a frustration I have but I do want to help. I do think this is a very over looked behavior issue that we face every time we take our dogs to the local vets office.

Just want to make a few key points that I think will help out everyone in the long run when taking their dogs to the vets because alot of people are either first time dog owners or just don’t realize the danger.

  1. Do not let your dog meet other dogs while at the vets office. It’s never a good place to socialize your dog because most dogs there are really stressed out or not feeling well which can trigger fights. Even if your dog is amazing with other dogs that does not mean the other dogs their are good with dogs. So find a spot where you have enough space for just you and your dog.
  2. Health reasons alone should be enough to motivate you to not let your dog meet other dogs at a vets office. People take their dogs to the vet when they are sick, so why in the heck would you want your dog to have close contact with them. I am not a vet but it just makes common sense.

Veterinarian Apple Valley Ca So next time your at the vet be sure to just find a nice spot for you and your and don’t let them meet any other dogs while their. It’s always better safe than sorry and no one wants to see their dog get hurt. 🙂

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