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Duke Learning Touch

Dog Training For DukeIn this video Duke is learning the touch technique to help him get over his shyness and meet new people. Remember when your dealing with dog training weather the dog is shy or not shy just look for the replacement behavior you want and then focus on that. We did by taking two simple steps and not rushing the process in any way. Remember keep the sessions short and fun, it’s always better to do more sessions than one long one. Also be patient because sometimes it just takes a while but in this case Duke picked this up pretty darn fast so he made a great video example. So always love and respect your dog and if you are dealing with a shy dog then these short training steps will help you out.

More about Duke:

Duke came from a local animal rescue here in Apple Valley Ca and they wanted to see if we can help make him more adoptable so he can find a permanent home. He is great with other dogs, cats and children. He would make anyone a great dog and a loving companion.

If you have any questions about him you can comment on our Facebook page or just send us an email.

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