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Whiskey, My Rescue Dog


Rescue Dog – Meet my Border Collie, Whiskey!

Meet my Rescue Dog – Whiskey!

Hi this is Jason, just want to introduce you to Whiskey. Here on the rescue page you are going to see me work with a lot of rescue dogs, but this one, Whiskey you are going to see me work with a lot. First I want to tell you, why him and how he got his name. I do have to hurry thought because my beautiful wife is on her way home and the rule is no dirty dogs in the house unless they have been brushed or bathed. She is probably going to see this video anyway, you know “happy wife-happy life” and I know the single guy’s watching this are like “oh he is whipped” but the people who been married a while are thinking , wow he is either really smart for being in a hurry or really dumb for bringing a dirty dog in the house.

First of all I get this dog and he has so many problems and issues, so why would I want to take on a project like this. Well it’s very simple, it’s to show you what is possible when you are committed to positive training methods. I get so many emails with people saying “if the dog is food aggressive you can’t use positive methods” or “if the dog is dog aggressive you can’t use positive methods”. I am going to show you working with him in real life training sessions how you can create balance to create an amazing dog. Not because I am a crazy good dog trainer, I do like to think I know what I am doing; most important it is because I am committed to what’s possible with a rescue dog. Many times we get these rescue dogs and they have so many mental issues and then we give up on them. I believe in second chances.

How did I get Whiskey? He was on a Ranch, born in a barn. The Rancher had this dog and he was causing trouble. He was biting the horses and the caves heels. When he was in the house he would pee in the house and getting on top of tables and counters and getting in cabinets,. He was only eating one cup of food a day so Whiskey would hunt rabbits and rats. His prey drive is very high. It is not fun prey drive, it is kill prey drive. What I want to do is show you what is possible committed. I don’t know what got to me about this dog. It’s as if he is so bad and so terrible. He has a rebellious spirit and I relate to him. I brought him home the first day, put him in the back of my car and he crapped in the car. Not unusual for an adult dog to do. When I got home I put him in a garage for 30 minutes and ripped my garage apart. I put him in the back yard so I could clean up the garage and he dug a 3 foot hole. He has caused some problems. He is really food aggressive. I introduced him to another dog I have and he became really dog aggressive. I have quite the project here and I am really excited because you are going to get to see me work with him and his progress. You see all these dog training videos online, the problem is they are working with an already trained dog. It’s so easy to get a dog to “sit” but I want you to see the Trail and Error. You will see me mess up because that’s real life. These dogs aren’t robots, but if you use a positive method and train this dog from the inside out. I will make a promise to you 6 months from now when I post videos of this dog; people are going to think that this dog was trained as a puppy. Hopefully I can get some training videos of him up really soon. I did want to introduce you to him.

Now I want to tell you why I named him Whiskey. I had a friend bring over some really old whiskey. I tasted it and I almost fell out of my chair, it was so nasty and it cleared all my sinus problems. It was the strongest stuff I had ever had in my life. What I realized is that whiskey and scotch and those hard alcohols take time to get use to them. It is an acquired taste and if you drink them too much you can become addicted. The reason I named this guy Whiskey is because I hated him at first. I was going to train him and the find him a home. He caused problems in every single area. He started to grow on me and now I am addicted to him. I love him, he is endearing to me and I am excited to work with him. One of the things I am most excited about is to show you what is possible when you are committed to change. These dogs have had a rough life, don’t give up them. We wouldn’t want people to give up on us. This is my trouble maker, Whiskey and he and I are going to have fun making some videos. I look forward to working with you here in the rescue section and he will be featured in my online training program as well. Thanks.

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